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So this is a 'My Babysitter's a Vampire' blog. I love this show, and I've watched every episode on the night it was first showed so I have good knowledge on the show. This is also a confession blog. None of these confessions belong to the owner of this blog.



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Hey guys, I made all new accounts so please go follow them. Thanks a bunch, and thanks :)

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makesme-smile27: I like your background :)

Aww, thanks! I love it too, and I love Bethan so… yeah!



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MBAV: Guys & Dolls
Benny: I can't believe Rory got a girlfriend before me!
Lies. You, my friend, WERE his girlfriend two episodes ago.

Hey guys! I just wanted to say since I only get about one confession a week I’m going to still post confessions but turn this into a {My Babysitter’s a Vampire Blog} as well. I really hope you guys don’t mind. Thanks everyone, I love you all! :*